(David Blyth, New Zealand, 1984) 84 minutes


Director: David Blyth
Producer: Murray Newey
Screenplay: Michael Heath, David Blyth
Photography: James Bartle
Editor: David Huggett
Music: Mark Nicholas
Michael Hurst (Michael Tucker)
Margaret Umbers (Sandy)
William Upjohn (Lucas)
Norelle Scott (Jeannie)
Bruno Lawrence (Tex Monroe)

Reviews and notes

Grand Prize - 1984 Paris Science Fiction and Fantastic Films Festival

This film is not suitable for those of a nervous disposition.

DEATH WARMED UP is a hyped-up, over-the-top package of youth movie pastiches incorporating Mad Max, The Evil Dead and George Romero with passing references to Towering Inferno, Gandhi and Jean Cocteau, all strung together with speed and splatter.

There's a coherent but splintered suntext of a plot involving a smarmily depraved genetic surgeon who keeps the film supplied with gangs of uncontrollable mutants. Spider is a rabid mutation of Frankenstein's monster crossed with Hamlet. The women are strong, sane and apprehensive. The men are no heroes, but there's a smooth, ominous undertow of homoeroticism in the way they're filmed.

There's no tradition for this sort of film in New Zealand, but this twisted synthesis of local talent and imported prototypes provides every indication that there's about to be.
-Bill Gosden, 28th London Film Festival, 1984.

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