(Agnès Varda, France, 1957-68) 106 minutes


Pleasure of Love in Iran

Director: Agnes Varda

Reviews and notes

O Seasons, O Chateaux… (France 1957) 22 minutes
Cinematography: Quinto Albicocco
Editor: Janine Verneaux
Music: Andre Hodeir - Paris Jazz Group
Poems read by Antoine Bourseiller
Commentary by Danièle Delorme

Varda’s short documentary on the Loire Valley chateaux mixes history with jazz, fashion modelling and poetry.

The more I see this short from Agnes Varda, the more I like it. At Cannes, it was acclaimed by the public and that was fully justified. There is fantasy, taste, intelligence, intuition and sensitivity, five virtues which must never be missing from films. Agnes Varda has fun in making these films so we can enjoy ourselves in seeing them.
- Francois Truffaut, Les Cahiers du Cinema No. 84, June 1958

Pleasure of Love in Iran (France 1976) 6 minutes
Cinematography: Nurith Aviv, Charlie Vandamme
Editor: Sabine MAMOU
Music: Iranian Songs

Valérie MAIRESSE (Apple)
Ali Raff (Ali Darius)
Therese Liotard (Teresa)

A spin-off from Varda’s feature One Sings, the Other Doesn’t finds a couple discussing love and architecture amongst the minarets and domes of Isfahan.

Coasting along the Coast (France 1958) 24 minutes
Cinematography: Quinto Albicocco
Editing: Henri Colpi
Music: Georges Delerue
Commentary: Rene Coggio

A documentary ride along the Riviera, with exotic sights, holiday hues and music from Georges Delerue.

The journal of a spirited woman who goes on a jaunt between Nice and St Tropez, from where she sends us a postcard of camera shots in order to reply to her friend Chris Marker. I’ll never forget the marvellous panorama back and forth which follows a tree branch twisted in the sand and ends up at the red and blue espadrilles of Adam and Eve.
- Jean-Luc Godard, Les Cahiers du Cinema No. 92, February 1959

Uncle Yanco (France 1967) 22 minutes
Cinematography: David Myers
Editor: Jean Hamon
Music: Richard Lawrence, Yannis Spanos and Albinoni

A portrait of Varda’s uncle, the painter Jean Varda, who lives in a houseboat in San Francisco Bay.

The playful interviews of Yanco, the lively collages, the quasi-idyllic walks by the sea of Jean Varda with his band of hippie-artists could not be more gentle if they were filled with air. This portrait of an naive and anti-conformist artist is also the portrait of a generation of San Franciscans, at the same time innocent and libertarian and of which life’s principles are those of an old man.
- C. Clouzot, Cinema 70 No. 143, February 1970

Black Panthers (France 1968) 30 minutes
Cinematography: David Myers, Paul ARATOW, Agnès Varda
Editor: Paddy MONK

Cinema verite documentary about the Black Panthers demonstrations to free Huey Newton. Fascinating document of black activism in the 1960s.

If other films had been made on the subject of the Black Panthers, they were left more or less in their boxes. It’s the only film in favour of black extremism shown commercially in America (Editors Note: In fact only in film societies and universities). It’s an incendiary commentary…. White Americans’ memories are short and Black Panthers will allow them to refresh their memories.
- C. Clouzot, Cinema 70 No. 143, February 1970

Women Respond (France 1975 8 minutes
Cinematography: Jacques Reiss
Editor: Mary Castro
Sound: Bernard Bleicher

A cinematic essay on the subject, “What does it mean to be a woman?”

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